Adam Peters

Adam Peters’ musical journey is truly fascinating! He began his career as a keyboard player and cellist/string arranger for the iconic band Echo And The Bunnymen. His ability to combine various musical styles and genres has since led him to become a celebrated composer in the film and music industry as well as a highly sought-after cello soloist.

Peters’ unique sound and style has captured the attention of many filmmakers, leading to his composing for renowned director Oliver Stone on various movies, documentaries, and TV series. His work on the documentary “Icarus” played a vital role in propelling that project to an Academy Award in 2018 – a remarkable achievement in the world of music composition.

In addition to his impressive accomplishments, Peters’ recent score for the Paramount/Apple TV series “Shantaram” is a testament to his artistic versatility. The blend of western synths and strings with Indian musicians and vocalists is a reflection of his willingness to experiment and explore the edges of music and the arts.

Peters remains vested in and committed to creating artistically original projects. He divides his time between his studio on a rural mountain top in Topanga, CA and studios in Manhattan as well as his hometown of London, which allow him to maintain his creative energy and continue to produce groundbreaking music.

Overall, Adam Peters’ story is a testament to the power of passion and creativity and the endless possibilities that come with exploring the boundaries of music and art.