Isa Summers (Isa Machine)

“I always wanted to be the little girl that made rap records,” announces Isabella Summers – and yet elfin-like, Isa doesn’t look like your average hip-hop producer. Nor does she look like the kind of girl who directed horror films, bought her first MPC off the back of a lorry or co-wrote some of the biggest tracks of the last three years. But she’s done all of those things and this is just the beginning…

In 2006, she worked on remixes for some of the indie bands that were hanging around her studios in Crystal Palace, London. Hanging around was amongst others, a girl called Florence. Fast-forward a few years, and Isabella has six co-writes on the critically acclaimed Florence + the Machine album ‘Lungs’ and three co-writes on the album ‘Ceremonials’.

When she’s not on tour playing keys with FATM, Isabella is in the studio writing, producing and remixing tracks for an array of talented artists

Isabella has recently added film and television scoring to her resume and is currently co-scoring Hulu’s ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ with Mark Isham. She also created the title theme for Sky Atlantic’s ‘Riviera’ and is co-scoring Amazon’s upcoming series ‘Panic.’