Jeremy Zuckerman

Jeremy Zuckerman is an Emmy Award-winning composer and musician whose diverse body of work includes music for film, television, theater and dance, traditional Chinese music, electroacoustic music, and concert music.

Jeremy is the musical voice behind the hit series The Legend of Korra, Avatar: the Last Airbender, and most recently, MTV’s Scream. He has also worked on nature/conservationist documentaries. Jeremy’s unique scores have earned many accolades including two Emmy Award wins and several nominations; invitations to speak as a guest panelist to packed rooms at ComicCon; and the distinction of being a featured composer at the Playfest music festival in Malaga, Spain. Upon its release, his Legend of Korra soundtrack (via the Sony Legacy label) immediately hit #1 on Amazon, and quickly landed in the top 10 on both the iTunes and the Billboard soundtrack charts.

Jeremy received his BA at the Berklee College of Music where he studied computer music and traditional music. Jeremy continued his education at the California Institute of the Arts where he studied privately with electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick, and earned his MFA in composition. Jeremy occasionally returns to CalArts to lecture and workshop new ideas involving the cross-section of theatre and sonic art.

Jeremy is a founding member of the Los Angeles composer collective The Echo Society and has written several chamber pieces for their ongoing concert series. Jeremy has been awarded artist grants by the American Composer’s Forum, the Djerassi Residency, and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. Jeremy’s concert music currently focuses on creating highly specific and controlled masses of sound using a combination of home-grown, semi-algorithmic processes and intuition. Using predominantly traditional orchestral instruments, these works explore complexity and transformation of sound and form, instead of the traditional melody/harmony paradigm. For this mode of work, Jeremy’s inspirations are the ever-changing forms of nature.

Jeremy’s work in modern dance utilizes extended vocal techniques, computer manipulated traditional instruments, and realtime computer music performance. His electroacoustic score for choreographer Ben Levy’s ‘Khaos’ was commissioned by the Scottish Dance Theatre (the national dance company of Scotland). ‘Puzzle’, a piece from ‘Khaos’, was used extensively by filmmaker Darren Aronofsky for his evocative Mother! trailers. The score soundtrack is currently available.

Jeremy is based in Los Angeles where he lives with his wife, his two kids, a mass-murderous cat and Ziggy Stardust (their dog).