Mark Eliyahu


Mark Eliyahu is a composer, musician, producer and kamancheh master who is widely recognized as one of the most fascinating and exciting current global artists.

Given his charismatic live stage performances, Mark frequently sells out venues all over the world. He combines ancient instruments, such as kamacheh and tar, with modern and futuristic electronics, and he fuses East and West which takes his music one step forward into a deep journey of sound. The son of musician and composer Piris Eliyahu, Mark was raised in a household where music was everything: work, passion, learning, and joy.

He grew up breathing music as a way of life, and by the age of sixteen started his musical journey around the world, seeking out the tutelage of various masters. Mark’s mastery of kamancheh, an instrument that was created 150 years ago, is widely renowned. The unique sound of this fascinating instrument is carried far and wide, and for years Mark has been invited to perform with it on numerous distinguished stages around the world.