Mark Morgan

Mark Morgan is a composer of film, television and video games who lives and works in the Los Angeles area. Influenced by some of the more fringe elements of music making, Mark has developed a style embracing an electronic, industrial, ethnic, and acoustic palette that is not only sonically cool but emotionally deep as well.

Born and raised in Southern California, Mark was surrounded by a diverse artistic environment. His father was an Architect well versed in modern design and his mother a classically trained pianist. In this creative environment Mark started piano studies and began listening to different genres of music from Stravinsky to the Beatles to Miles Davis. Upon completion of high school Mark moved to Boston and enrolled in the prestigious Berklee School Of Music to further his piano studies and add composition as well. During his studies Mark was introduced to the theory of sound manipulation by way of electronic music, this completely changed his life. With this new found sonic freedom Mark embarked on a more experimental and minimal approach in both his performance and composition.

Marks entree into scoring started by programming and writing music for well established composers around town which in turn led him getting his first show “PREY”, a sci-fi show on ABC. The premise being:

“What if global warming was changing our DNA and the human race was hiding an alternate race among its own, a more intelligent breed of serial killers. Their goal: to destroy human-kind in order to let the strong survive. Darwin’s theory might be very relevant”.

With this premise Mark constructed a style of both industrial and world elements, and in turn took television to a more modern and sometimes darker place.

More shows followed which opened new scoring possibilities, one being video games. Mark was asked to compose music for a number of games, but one game stood out, and that was “Fallout”. Mark was already experimenting with ambient music and its impact on story-telling, so other than the publisher’s desire that the music fit the post-apocalyptic dystopian world of Fallout, he was given wide latitude. Marks challenge was to blend a kind of odd ethnic and industrial sound design into something not only musical, but emotional. Judging by the acclaim the music garnered Mark was successful.

Whether composing for film, television or video games Mark derives his inspiration from the most diverse places – music, art, architecture, science – any source that impacts the emotion of the entire human experience.