Rupert Parkes (Photek)

Rupert Parkes, known as Photek, is a Los Angeles based British recording artist, film & TV composer, and electronic music DJ.

Most recently he completed his score for “The Asset” (Millennium) for director Martin Campbell, which premieres in theaters in 2021 starring Maggie Q, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keaton. Photek is currently working on season 2 of “Into The Night” (Netflix), which in 2020 premiered in the top 10 most watched shows on Netflix.

Over his career he has contributed music to a long list of film, TV and video game productions as far back as “Blade” in 1998. Photek also scored Fox Television’s “Gang Related “ (Imagine Entertainment) with director Allen Hughes, making 2014 one of his most prolific years yet.

Photek was a game-changer in the UK dance music explosion of the 90’s, and after 3 consecutive Grammy Award nominations, his music has earned universal respect and acclaim.

As a composer, Photek has fused his London electronic pedigree with a new wave of film and TV music that continues to elevate and electrify.