Rupert Parkes (Photek)


Rupert Parkes, also known as Photek, is a Los Angeles based British recording artist, composer, and electronic music DJ.

Most recently he completed two movie scores for director Martin Campbell. An action thriller The Protege (Millennium) in 2021 starring Maggie Q, Samuel L Jackson, and Michael Keaton, and Memory (Black Bear Pictures) which premiered in April 2022 starring Liam Neeson, Monica Bellucci, and Guy Pearce.

Photek has scored many notable TV shows from How to Get Away with Murder (Shondaland) starring Viola Davis, to Into the Night (Netflix), which in 2020 premiered in the top 10 most watched shows on Netflix.

Over his career he has contributed music to a long list of film, TV and video game productions as far back as Blade in 1998. Photek also scored Fox Television’s Gang Related (Imagine Entertainment) with director Allen Hughes.

Photek began making his mark on electronic music history as a game-changer in the UK dance music explosion of the 90’s. After 3 consecutive Grammy Award nominations, his music has earned further universal respect and acclaim.

As a composer, Photek has fused his London electronic music pedigree with a new wave of film and TV scores that continues to elevate and electrify.