Sami Jano

Sami Jano is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in New York City where he has been creating music for short films and Ad campaigns for 15+ years. In 2018, he scored his first feature length film, Dads, directed by Bryce Dallas Howard and has since gone on to score Ron Howard’s upcoming documentary feature, We Feed People. Other feature-length credits include Above and Beyond by the Reynaud Brothers, Indie crime thriller Snakeeater and art-house documentary, We Are All Angels from 750 Productions.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Sami is a first-generation Syrian-American with roots in the storied musical history of the Motor City. In addition to playing drums in various rock, punk, post-rock, and hardcore bands throughout his early days, Sami is also a skilled pianist who played as a member of avant-garde musical groups throughout his twenties and was later influenced by electronic music. He uses his diverse musical knowledge and experience to inform the unique composing style he defines himself by today.

Sami’s work can at times be playfully innocent and full of whimsy, and at other times deeply mysterious and darkly compelling. Culling from his years as a percussionist and pianist, his ability to stretch and manipulate time and sound makes his compositions truly unique, immersive, and transformative. His diverse musical and creative background coupled with his enthusiasm for experimenting with sound allows him to differentiate and complement the vision of the various producers, directors and creators he works with.

In addition to film work, Sami writes music for worldwide immersive attractions, including music and sound design for Rubik’s Cube 40th Anniversary Interactive Museum, IBM Watson Mirrored Tesla Room Exhibit, Dino Tour Immersion Ride in Dinoland, China and a 4D Attraction Ride, Rise NYC, in Times Square, NY. He is also a gifted writer, illustrator and director who has written and illustrated a graphic sci-fi novel and directed several ads and music videos. His diverse creative background provides a multitude of perspectives for the fantastic aural and visual landscapes he creates.