Jason Graves


Two-time British Academy Award-winning composer Jason Graves is renowned for his textural concept scores and innovative orchestration in cinematic narrative games such as The Dark Pictures Anthology, Moss, Tomb Raider, Far Cry Primal, Until Dawn, The Order: 1886 and Dead Space. His repertoire is truly diverse, from aleatoric and sweeping orchestral journeys in space, to haunting and immersive soundscapes in historical, gothic and supernatural worlds, to manipulating ancient instruments in a Stone Age natural environment and whimsical waltzes for an intimate pastoral palette.

Recent projects include the interactive drama THE DARK PICTURES: HOUSE OF ASHES, the third installment in Supermassive’s intense survival horror anthology series. Jason also returned to the mysterious rings of Saturn to score Ready At Dawn’s A.I. psychological thriller, LONE ECHO II. In television, his music can be heard in the DC Comics’ series SWAMP THING.

Jason’s penchant for scoring emotionally engaging narratives is apparent in his “delectable score” (Push Square) for the charming and beautifully animated storybook adventure MOSS, hailed as “VR’s finest game to date” (Eurogamer). The “magical soundtrack” (IGN) paints a “pastoral soundscape with enchanting Waltz-esque flair” (Polyarc), including the song “Home To Me” featuring vocalist Malukah, and won Best Music for an Indie Game at the 2019 Game Developers Conference.

As a classically-trained composer and world percussionist, Jason created an entirely live, organic “phenomenal score” (Kotaku) for FAR CRY PRIMAL, blending a diverse array of sounds from the natural environment and incorporating many animal effects into the score. The evocative soundtrack includes a ram’s horn and solo flute, Aztec death whistles, evocative vocals, and ritualistic percussion, with raw sounds from the Stone Age natural environment including bushes, bones, antlers, clay pots, logs, dirt and wooden artifacts.

Game Informer hailed Jason’s original score for SONY’S supernatural drama UNTIL DAWN as a “superb dynamic orchestral score” and GameSpot called it “a chilling soundtrack…which crescendos and subsides to highlight panic, terror, and anguish.” Jason combined live orchestra with many of his signature sounds – found percussion, experimental instruments and haunting soloists come together to form a unique and ever-changing adaptive score that is “part of what makes the game so memorable.” (Venture Beat)

SQUARE ENIX and Crystal Dynamics entrusted Jason with their innovative reboot of the iconic TOMB RAIDER franchise, giving him creative freedom to infuse atmosphere, emotion and authenticity to Lara’s origins story through his score. The end result blends found sounds, authentic percussion and a truly unique custom instrument interwoven with orchestral themes and textures.

Jason is celebrated for creating the innovative, unique soundtracks for the DEAD SPACE franchise, Electronic Arts’ best-selling original title called “the scariest game ever made.” Jason’s groundbreaking score was hailed by critics as a “truly original soundtrack” and “the best score of the year.” It was recognized with a myriad of nominations worldwide and won two BAFTA awards – one for Original Score and one for Use of Audio. For the latter, the Academy stated, “It’s the music soundtrack that boasts horror and tension.”

Jason studied under film composers Jerry Goldsmith, Elmer Bernstein and Christopher Young, while earning a degree from the University of Southern California’s prestigious film scoring program. His diverse musical background as a composer, drummer, keyboardist, guitarist and world percussionist allow him to perform on many of his scores and he has conducted and recorded his live orchestral scores at Abbey Road Studios, AIR Studios, Capitol Records, FOX, Paramount Pictures, Skywalker Sound and Ocean Way Studios.